The Deacons
Their task is to serve with the pastor and council in performing the pastoral ministries task of:

  1. Leading the church in its achievement of its mission.
  2. Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers.
  3. Caring for the church’s members and *other persons in the community.
  4. Serve on the nominating committee.
  5. The Deacons shall supply the pulpit in the absence of the pastor or a designee.

Trustee Ministry
The Trustee Ministry will serve as legal officers for the church. They shall hold in trust the church property. Upon a specific vote of the church authorizing each action, they shall have the power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any church property. When the signatures of Trustees are required, they shall sign legal documents involving the sale, mortgage, purchase, or rental of property, or other legal documents related to Church-approved matters. The Trustees Ministry shall serve as the personnel committee which includes: assists the church in matters related to employed personnel administration, including those called by church action. Their work includes such areas as determining staff needs, employment, salaries, benefits, other compensation, policies, job descriptions, and personnel services.