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Honor Roll Recognition



Dear New Hope Church Families,

The Scholarship Ministry wants to make sure your child is a part of the Honor Roll Recognition if they have met the requirements as described the Anchorage School District for the second quarter. It was announced in church last Sunday, May 28th, that the new deadline to turn in report cards will be this Sunday, June 4, with recognition on June 11, 2023, as grades had not been posted by the original deadline.

Also, if any students received an award or certificate of recognition from their school but did not make the honor roll for the second quarter, we want to make sure those students are recognized as well. Especially with our younger children, parents please make sure a copy is turned in by June 4, 2023.

Please turn in a copy of your report to the Scholarship Ministry box upstairs, or scan a copy of your report card and send it to the church email at:


If you do not have access to printing a copy, please let Minister Walker, or any Scholarship Ministry member, know, and we will be sure to help with printing to get your report card turned in by the deadline—June 4, 2023. Thank you so much.

The Scholarship Ministry

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