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Reverend Wilbert L. Mickens, Jr

Reverend Wilbert L. Mickens, Jr. was born in Richmond, Virginnia. He completed the Henrico County Public School system in 1969 and entered Cuke University the following fall. Reverend Mickens received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke in 1973 and completed 18 semesters academic hours at Fisk University as an exchange student while there. He obtained his Master of Divinity Degree from Duke Divinity School in 1976. In June 1978. he entered the United States Air Force Chaplaincy. Reverend Mickens engaged in further study at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselm, Californian and the United Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. He completed four quarters of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 1988. He has completed all the course work at Howard School of Divinity for the Doctor of Ministry Degree. Reverend Mickes is an ordained minister of 46 years in the Progressive National Baptist Convention, the National Baptist Convention, the American Baptist Church, and the Southern Baptist Convention. As an Air Force Chaplain, Reverend Mickens received the Airmen Medal for Heroism because on July 29, 1997, while performing duties as the head chaperone for the Pathways to Freedom Program, a division of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development. His immediate actions saved the lives of 29 children, five chaperones, the bus driver and himself, as the bus in which they were traveling crashed into the Nottaway River in Nottaway County, Virginia.

Pastor Mickens retired as a Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Air Force on August 1, 1998, having served as pastor to military personnel in Texas, California. Republic of Korea, Ohio, Washington D.C., Florida, Mombasa Kenis, and Alaska. Currently Reverend Mickens is the Pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church and Sire Archon of Delta Rho Boule, term ending December 31, 2023. Pastor Mickens teamed with Pastor Clifton J. Gay III, and Reverend Dr. Undra Parker to form the academic and mentoring staff for Alaska’s Interdenominational Theological Center’s Certificate of Theology Program. There have been 21 ministers representing the Baptist Church, the Church of God In Christ, the Methodist Church, and Non-Denominational Churches that have successfully completed the program. On July 16, 2023, Pastor Mickens received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement from President Joseph R. Biden through the 400 Year African American Commission while leading Alaskan African American youth on a pilgrimage to discover their history and identity at historic museums in Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery, Alabama.

However, with all the accolades, medals, awards, and decorations, too numerous to mention Pastor Mickens says his greatest achievement is serving the Lord, being married to the former Shelia Abrom, and the father of Lafewt, Ashley, Danielle, Wilbert III, Cierra, and the grandfather of Octavia, Petra, Mia, Nicky, Charlotte, Julianna, Michael, Romeo, Ricardo and Ryanna. Every day he attempts to follow the Apostle Peter’s description of Christ in Acts 10:38; “… who went about doing good…”

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